5 Trends For Local Marketing Strategy in 2016

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Today in this competitive world one needs to not only sell the best of the product but also use the best

of the marketing strategy. In this online world; the customers are wide spread and have access to

various media as well hence one can say that forming a marketing strategy or a plan is a difficult and

a complicated task. Here we provide you simple and some of the effective marketing strategy for your


1. Use social media

Yes in today’s online world when we talk about marketing you just cannot skip the use of

social media. In order to ensure that your product has a good brand recall you will have to

follow a simple policy of “being seen.” You can definitely create a page on social media and

post your product updates there. Your social media also can serve as platform to solve

grievances and complaints as well. The customer feedback will be pretty quick through social

media. However, before using social media to its fullest ensure that your larger number of

customers is using social media. Some of the social media websites that are popular all over

include Facebook, pinterest and Instagram; however, as per your customer base you can select

all or any of them. You also need to remember that if you choose social media as a way of

marketing your products you need to ensure that you keep your page updated as well.

2. Avoid information overload

Providing information is good; however, anything in access is harmful. Similar is the case

with information as well. Everybody will like to read some news or tips on some products or

services; however, the same should be limited to either one or two in a day. Do not load your

page with information and news.

3. Follow 80/20 rule

When you are in business it is wise to follow the 80/20 rule which states that you need to

concentrate on 20% of your audience. The rule is simple; 20% of your audience should bring

in 80% of the profit to your business. If you follow this rule then your marketing efforts will

prove to be efficient and effective.

4. Use mobile only websites

When you are into business it is not necessary that you need to have very high marketing

budgets. If you are low of budget then you the best option for you is to use mobile only

websites. Today, you will find that each one of us has a cell phone and hence getting

connected to people on the go is much simpler and cheaper. Hence, it is advisable that you

make mobile only websites for your products when low on budget. However, if you have

enough budgets then you can surely opt for both the traditional website and the mobile

version as well. You can also have an app for your business.

5. Reuse your content

It is wise to reuse your content. You can form marketing campaigns which can run

simultaneously on various social media pages like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and many

others. There is no need for you to create separate for each of these. It will not only save your

time but resources as well.

However, these are not the sure shot way to get customers; but some of these tips will surely

help you to get the best of the marketing results. You will have to tweak and modify the

strategies from time to time.

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