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How Digital Marketing has Changed over the Past Decades?

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A decade ago, things were very simple and easier to use. Just think over it, that there were only a few options for smartphones available through which you have to make choices and the use of the internet was not that wide. The information pool available was nowhere near to its present status. It was very easy to make a decision while purchasing a product from the limited options available. Now in 2020, you have thousands of options for almost everything, you have various websites that can guide you to take a decision about any product or service. Over the […]

Principles of Good Website Design

12 Principles of Good Website Design

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In this era of modern technology, there are more than 1 billion websites present making the users devasted for choices. The main question arises is, what keeps the users at your site? Users have cursory look, judging you within seconds of clicking at your website. If we analyze statistically, around 95% of the first impression is based on the website design. A corporate website plays a crucial role in focusing attention on the online presence of your business because it is the first place of interaction of the user with the brand, products, services and offers. Principles are: Clarity and […]

How to Learn SEO – Best SEO Tutorials

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a good practice for enhancing a website’s visibility in the search engines. More SEO efforts lead to higher rankings of the website, on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). As visitors enter certain keywords, they view a list of sites and links related to their search. The sites which show up in the first few pages are viewed more, than those, in the later pages. This gives more visibility to the websites, and increases traffic for the specific website. Learning SEO is easy and simple, only if you take help from the following SEO […]