Google upgrades its Rich Snippets Testing Tool in webmaster tool

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Google upgrades its Rich Snippets Testing Tool to provide Better information Display In Search Results also Goggle hase changes his name in webmaster tool rich snippets testing tool to Structured Data. In this Tool we can see the exact display of structured data that supported in google search The Google Structured Data Tool does not shows the only search results display, Here we can get the details about what structured markup Google has extracted from the page. Google provided this rich snippets features in search results in 2009, After this Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, they created, which explain the […]

Google Algorithm Changes Mobile Internet have most significant Impact On Search

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According to New SEMPO Search Marketing Report 2012 that is based on 900 companies and agencies survey. In this survey about 9 out of 10 search marketer confirm that Mobile Internet have most significant Impact on search in recent Google algorithm changes, and Some are focused on the mobile search  and local search industry boom. this survey is conducted between  March 12 and May 15, 2012. What is most impacted for Search Marketers Toady everyone agreed with two main things like mobile web industy boom and increasing mobile web use. Around 87 percent people said a) Google’s algorithm changes, and […]

Google Rel=Author tag Implement by Only 9% Technology Blog

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Sometime ago Google have provided a solution reagring content Authorship. For Example If you run a website with authored content then use rel=”author” (HTML5) and rel=”m” ( XFN), Rel=Author tag helps to search engines / google and other website to identify works by the same author across the web. According to an study today Rel=Author tag fully Implemented by only 9% of technology blogs it means only 9 out of every 100 blogs. This is very amazing and shocking for everyone because these all blogs manage by an technology experts, they should know about this feature better. because We all […]

Google guidelines on seo and A/B or multivariate testing

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Recently Google posted some guidelines on some seo and A/B or multivariate testing and how to follow guideline to stay clear from any search ranking issues and how to avoiding penalties and such as A/B or multivariate testing—affects a site’s performance in search results.  <b>Website testing :</b> is the process where you try to test different website versions or any section of website, and collect user behaviour on both website version. For this You use an web analytic software to track each visitors click and behaviour.. <b>A/B testing :</b> is the process where you run a test case on a […]

Google Launches Knowledge Graph To Provide Answers, Not Just Links

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Google launched “Knowledge Graph” . It is the new search technology to provide popular facts about people, places and things. Its allows to google searching not for website pages that match query keywords but for “entities”. Google has used a “link graph” to show how much pages link to each other. Facebook has provide a “social graph” to understand how people are connected with social network and websites. Knowledge Graph is used to building relationships between different people, places and things As per the report, Google compiled over 3.5 billion facts, which include information about and relationships between 500 million […]