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How Digital Marketing has Changed over the Past Decades?

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A decade ago, things were very simple and easier to use. Just think over it, that there were only a few options for smartphones available through which you have to make choices and the use of the internet was not that wide. The information pool available was nowhere near to its present status. It was very easy to make a decision while purchasing a product from the limited options available. Now in 2020, you have thousands of options for almost everything, you have various websites that can guide you to take a decision about any product or service. Over the […]

How to do SEO to get Rank on Google 1st page

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Got a website or a product? Looking for the first place in Google pages? Successful SEO depends on: Keywords Keywords are most important in improving the rank of the website or product. All you have to do is find some short and easy keywords. Find some keywords that have lesser competition, keywords with high competition will be hard for getting a good rank on the first page. Traffic is important for a keyword. Don’t convert your keyword and using of long tail keywords. It is easy to target multiple keywords and need to be very specific about the keyword. Those key […]

Search Engine Market Share 2012 Google vs Yahoo vs Bing vs Aol vs ASK report

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comScore is announce an report on search engine Market Share, As a big player of search market Google increased some percentage as pe previous year, Bing also increased some percentage but yahoo gone down as per previous record. AOL and especially Ask gained as well.<br><br>  <h2>comScore September numbers:</h2>  Google: 66.7 percent (66.4 percent in August)<br>  Bing: 15.9 percent (15.9 percent in August)<br>  Yahoo: 12.2 percent (12.8 percent in August)<br>  Ask: 3.5 percent (3.2 percent in August)<br>  AOL: 1.8 percent (1.7 percent in August)<br><br>   In Last Year,  Microsoft-Yahoo was came togeather and create an Search Alliance to increase market share […]

Google test Search Options above Results Rather Than To Side

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Google are doing some testing weith search option layout. Now its displaying Search Options above Results Rather Than to Side. Normally Google shows search option in the left-hand column of a search results.   In the new test layout, these all move above the search results: Google is showing only some important search option like “WEB” “Images” “Maps” “Videos” “News” “Shopping” rest you cand find in “More link” option allows for  your search to Google specialized search engines such as Blogs or Flights. Nothing listed is different than what’s available in the more traditional layout. Only the location has changed: […]

Google’s New guideline On Negative SEO “Works Hard To Prevent”

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Google already admitted the possibility of negative SEO for years. But some Penguin Update, some Expert have claimed it’s now easier than ever. Negative SEO a term is describe as a competitor might harm another site. Google works very hard to stop to other website owner to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index. If your concerned about another website linking to your website, we suggest contacting the webmaster. Google changed the language a few months ago around March 14th according to Shaun Anderson. This pre-dates the Penguin launch, which may validate that the update of […]