Google Hotpot based on Local Recommendations on You and Your Friends

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Google latest product Hotpot that is based on personalized recommendations, what you recommend and what your friends recommend. Google Hotpot is an personalized recommendations tool. Now Google Hotpot use Google Places data like reviews and ratings given by you and your friends. Hotpot suggest places that is based on how you rate / review similar things. also it have merged with Google other product, social, and other services. In Google Hotpot you can create a separate profile and friends list within already as part of your Google account for example you will take through your Google Buzz Followers, Google Profile, […]

Google Showing more Search Results as per Domain For More Queries

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Always Google want to show a set of variety in search results, Its show up to only two search results for single domain query on the first page. Before few months ago, We have search on google then we check google start showing more than two search results from a single domain for branded name searches like ” apple “. Now Google said change in display in more than two search results from a single domain this change was based on visitor purpose that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain or search ”. For Example, if you […]

Yahoo Clues: New Search Keyword Tool by

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Yahoo launch a new keyword data research tool named Yahoo Clues. Yahoo Clues is providing you insight stats of specific keyword phrases searching by people and shows related data based on those Competition, Keyword searches and People search. The tool allows you to compare two keyword phrases in single search. It shows keyword popularity searches, searches by age and gender, geographic location, profit level, search flow and related searches. Here we are providing each metric for a comparison between Web Design Company on SEO Company. Here you can see the two search trends Here you can see search breck down […]

Google launches Source Meta Tags to Help find Original Sources website

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Google says about “Source” Meta Tags it’s provide two new meta tags that it will help in identify the original website sources of online content. They are called original-source and syndication-source . Websites that syndicate our content to others can use the syndication-source meta tag as well as the site that receives and publishes the syndicated content from another source both are help a Google to identify one that should be included in Google News. The tag are below given: By using original-source meta tag publishers can claim their article as the original version. Google says about this meta tag […]