Google Rel=Author tag Implement by Only 9% Technology Blog

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Sometime ago Google have provided a solution reagring content Authorship. For Example If you run a website with authored content then use rel=”author” (HTML5) and rel=”m” ( XFN), Rel=Author tag helps to search engines / google and other website to identify works by the same author across the web. According to an study today Rel=Author tag fully Implemented by only 9% of technology blogs it means only 9 out of every 100 blogs. This is very amazing and shocking for everyone because these all blogs manage by an technology experts, they should know about this feature better. because We all […]

ISP caught hijacking redirecting search results

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As per New Scientist reports Some Several ISP are hijacking search engines searches allegedly and redirecting an affiliate website to earn potential profits. If a User would search on search engines by keyword such as Appple Store and the user ISP may redirect via an affiliate program to earn potential profits on a other website. As per the The New Scientist, The redirection can also provides unwanted results to user. For Example If a user want to read news in The Hindustan Times and search “Hindustan Times”; the redirection system would take them to a page offering subscription deals for […]

How to Remove Rip Off Reports and Complaints Board Report from Google and other search engines

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Today internet is the easiest way to share or publish information and giving power to every individual or your customer, Everyone can use Blogs and online complaints boards to post negative and derogatory comments. Is your Business have a an Unhappy Customer filed Compliant or Rip off Report on Internet ? Is your website a victim of a fake complaint publish by one of your Competitors ? If When you search your Company’s Name, Brand Products on Search engines ( Google Yahoo Bing ) and you find a Rip Off Report / complaints against your company in the top 5 […]

Google Instant is meet with Yahoo Yahoo Rich Search Assist

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Now Yahoo is following Google by announcing its own version of Google Instant, with a diffrent name and uses that is Called Rich Search Assist, this feature automatically shows results when you type yahoo search bar. as per above given image example, When you type and keyword in yahoo search then Yahoo suggests search topics using its pre existing Yahoo Search Assist service. now Yahoo will providing a closer look at the first resultfor each topic. Now yahoo is tested with some selected user, As per Yahoo, yahoo said about 5% of selected Yahoo’s users are currently testing this features

Yahoo Clues: New Search Keyword Tool by

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Yahoo launch a new keyword data research tool named Yahoo Clues. Yahoo Clues is providing you insight stats of specific keyword phrases searching by people and shows related data based on those Competition, Keyword searches and People search. The tool allows you to compare two keyword phrases in single search. It shows keyword popularity searches, searches by age and gender, geographic location, profit level, search flow and related searches. Here we are providing each metric for a comparison between Web Design Company on SEO Company. Here you can see the two search trends Here you can see search breck down […]