Google AdWords new features Share Budgets Across Campaigns

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Google provides a new fetaures Share Budgets, In this feature an advertise will share daily budget between multiple campaign in sigle account. The basic idea behind this a marketer may have a option to set daily budget for all products, By using this feature a marketer can reallocate that budget dynamically to other Campaigns. For Example
If we are running three type of Campaigns, like your overall budget is Rs 5000, Without shared budgets, you face the problem in budget decide how to allocate the Rs 5000 daily AdWords budget in all three campaigns.  then you can set RS 3000 to 1 Campaigns rest RS 1000 and Rs 1000 to other two Campaigns. After sometime You see, your 1st campaign getting fewer impressions and clicks than other days. So you only spend Rs 2000. Rest RS 1000 you can share to other 2 Campaigns

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