Google Algorithm Changes Mobile Internet have most significant Impact On Search

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According to New SEMPO Search Marketing Report 2012 that is based on 900 companies and agencies survey. In this survey about 9 out of 10 search marketer confirm that Mobile Internet have most significant Impact on search in recent Google algorithm changes, and Some are focused on the mobile search  and local search industry boom. this survey is conducted between  March 12 and May 15, 2012.

What is most impacted for Search Marketers

Toady everyone agreed with two main things like mobile web industy boom and increasing mobile web use. Around 87 percent people said a) Google’s algorithm changes, and b) increasing mobile web user have had a significant impact on search.
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The above given numbers are similar on the agency side, but taey also added local search into the mix.
  • 92 percent called mobile internet use
  • 87 percent said local search
  • 85 percent said Googles algorithm changes
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