Now Google can Index any type of Text in SWF Flash File

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Some days ago,We recive a update from Google Webmaster Central Blog, Its provide the information on Google Flash indexing capabilities. By Google Blog, It said, now google bot are able to index and understand any text in SWF Flash file on your website.

Typically, Most of SEO company does not accept and Flash based website for SEO. Most SEO Expert ignore to develop a site in completely Flash. Many Flash sites are not associated with google index, but Google wants to index them so work hardly, now it can browse any type of TEXT in SWF flash, For develop this type of technology. Google has been working with Adobe to better index and understand Flash content. Two year Ago Google try to indexing Flash content and improved on that.

It can index the latest compatible content for Flash Player 10.1 and now they have better technology to understanding JS to embed SWF content.

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