Google Hotpot based on Local Recommendations on You and Your Friends

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Google latest product Hotpot that is based on personalized recommendations, what you recommend and what your friends recommend. Google Hotpot is an personalized recommendations tool. Now Google Hotpot use Google Places data like reviews and ratings given by you and your friends. Hotpot suggest places that is based on how you rate / review similar things. also it have merged with Google other product, social, and other services. In Google Hotpot you can create a separate profile and friends list within already as part of your Google account for example you will take through your Google Buzz Followers, Google Profile, Gmail profile etc. Hotpot is an personalizes recommendations, which includes data from places we have searched for in the past

Google Hotpot based on Local Recommendations
Google Hotpot based on Local Recommendations

In Google HotPot You can show what your frients like / review / rate For example Once your friends are review and rate something, then ratings and reviews will show up when Google Places information appears in search results like local results in Google searches, also you can rate and review nearby places. Google alss take images, location, and review information for Hotpot from other webites

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