Google Launches Knowledge Graph To Provide Answers, Not Just Links

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Google launched “Knowledge Graph” . It is the new search technology to provide popular facts about people, places and things. Its allows to google searching not for website pages that match query keywords but for “entities”. Google has used a “link graph” to show how much pages link to each other. Facebook has provide a “social graph” to understand how people are connected with social network and websites. Knowledge Graph is used to building relationships between different people, places and things

As per the report, Google compiled over 3.5 billion facts, which include information about and relationships between 500 million objects or entities, In particular, these are just some of the categories of objects like

  • Actors, Directors, Movies
  • Planets & Spacecraft
  • Islands, Lakes, Lighthouses
  • Art Works & Museums
  • Roller Coasters & Skyscrapers
  • Sports Teams
  • Music Albums & Music Groups
  • Cities & Countries

  • How does Google know about these these facts? In 2009 Google Squared was started an initial attempt to extract facts from the website. but It was not accurate and closed last year.

    In 2010 Google purchase Metaweb in 2010 thats 1st time Google was started Knowledge Graph. Google’s massively grown the fact database contributions happen with Freebase, but data also comes from public sources like Wikipedia and CIA World Factbook

    For identify the Bad information, Google also provide a “Report a problem” link at the bottom, Beacuse google also use Wikipedia and other public sources to display facts means that there’s no guarantee that the information are accurate.

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