Google Panda Update 3.92 Rolling Out

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Today Google confirmed that another Panda Update is rolling out, According to google it will impact 0.7% of queries. webmasters should expect some flux over the next few day

Here’s the official update from Google Twitter Account:

Panda refresh is rolling out—expect some flux over the next few days. Fewer than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected:

In Previous Goggle have refresh Panda in different iteration Panda 1 to Panda 2, Panda 2 To Panda 3 and now Panda 3 to Panda 3.9.2 (not 4.0). About this update google said It will have on search queries more than anything, this a simple data refresh. In fact, Matt Cutts has suggested another major Panda update might not be in the cards for Google.

Recently Google has done changes very aggressively by Penguin updates. Next Penguin iteration might shake up SEO. Panda changes have been very small this year.

From Panda 1 to Panda 2

Whan Google was relesed first Panda Refesh then its impate was very huge, estimated by Google around 11.8 percent of all queries done on Google in the US. In contrast, today’s announced update is said to have an impact on less than 1% of queries globally.

Google does not provide any type of iteration to these updates. But when google was update pand second time then we call its google 2.0

From Panda 2 to Panda 3

When Google was update panda 3rd time then we ready to call panda 3.0, But Google refused that and said its an minor update so we call its Panda 2.1 after that we have started Panda 2.2, Panda 2.3 and so on

In Panda Update 2.4 to 3, Google was released Panda for other languages,

Again we seen panda minor update that is called 2.5, In panda 2.5 Google warned aboout Panda flux that mean google schedule of Panda update and released in each few weeks

When we get Panda 4.0 ?

Google doesn’t always give that estimate of any update, In fact Google have release 3.5 and Penguine update same time, In this released Panda Update were masked by Penguin Update changes, Only Google can commenting on that When we get Panda 4.0google panda update 3.92z

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