Google Showing more Search Results as per Domain For More Queries

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Always Google want to show a set of variety in search results, Its show up to only two search results for single domain query on the first page. Before few months ago, We have search on google then we check google start showing more than two search results from a single domain for branded name searches like ” apple “. Now Google said change in display in more than two search results from a single domain this change was based on visitor purpose that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain or search ”. For Example, if you search for a domain, Google display more then two search results from that domain like look search for “apple” in

Now Google has take this idea for advance changes, when any one search for appropriate search then google shows more additional results from a domain.

What does this mean for website owners ?
in this case if you want to get ranking in the bottom of the first page for a query, so you can now be work for to four results vs. two . In second case, When your website display four results in search engine, then you have new opportunities / changes to showcase the more content and link you have to offer. Take a quick analyze of your website at the searches that give most traffic to your website and check what pages are now showing up and what your shortened snippet looks

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