Google’s New guideline On Negative SEO “Works Hard To Prevent”

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Google already admitted the possibility of negative SEO for years. But some Penguin Update, some Expert have claimed it’s now easier than ever. Negative SEO a term is describe as a competitor might harm another site.

Google works very hard to stop to other website owner to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index. If your concerned about another website linking to your website, we suggest contacting the webmaster.

Google changed the language a few months ago around March 14th according to Shaun Anderson. This pre-dates the Penguin launch, which may validate that the update of this text does not prove that Penguin makes it “easier than ever” to use “negative SEO” techniques than before.

The page does say it was updated on May 22nd but the only change made on May 22nd was the addition of the video added to the top of the page. The video talks about “What should I do if my competitors are using webspam techniques?”

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