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How Digital Marketing has Changed over the Past Decades?

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A decade ago, things were very simple and easier to use. Just think over it, that there were only a few options for smartphones available through which you have to make choices and the use of the internet was not that wide.

The information pool available was nowhere near to its present status. It was very easy to make a decision while purchasing a product from the limited options available.

Now in 2020, you have thousands of options for almost everything, you have various websites that can guide you to take a decision about any product or service.

Over the past decade, digital technology has kept itself with the pace of changing technology and how efficiently people are adapting to the change in technology.

Let’s have a glance at what are the changes in digital marketing observed since 2010


Around 10 years ago, social media was not at all complicated, it was just simply used to keep in touch with family and friends. It was considered the best way to stay connected with people.
Fast forward after 10 years, Social media has transformed from just connecting to family and friends to a full-blown media outlet where million-dollar businesses are branding themselves.


  • A decade ago the main feature of Facebook was the wall, which is a place where you can leave a message status or a post. Subsequently, it was changed from a wall to the Timeline and from then on the social media underwent several redesigns.
  • Facebook’s new 2020 design features more white space and it is more easier to read on the desktop.
  • The new Facebook is an interface update that emphasizes more on Groups and Events – the two major reasons considered for the people visiting Facebook very frequently.


  • Twitter is a microblogging platform introduced in 2010. In the beginning its post was restricted to 140 characters only.
  • Over the years there has been many modifications observed in Twitter. Twitters’ interface has evolved to allow videos, GIFs and photos to be integrated in the post. Twitter has also increased its character’s limit to 280 characters.


  • Over the decade, YouTube has become very huge. Initially it was just used for amateurs to showcase a special talent, but now this home movie platform has turned into one of the biggest search engines in the digital world and has become an advertiser dream.
  • People have become famous from YouTube in no time.


  • Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012, at this time Instagram was merely 2 years old. Instagram is an image sharing platform.
  • People started creating photo collages, used filters, and posted them on the app. It reached around a million users in the first three months.
  • Currently, there are more than a million active users per month at Instagram.


SEO was completely a different operation, a decade ago, it was not anything that google could do to eliminate keyword stuffing. Many things changed with the Panda update in 2011 when google finally labeled Black Hat SEO tactics.

With time Google became all about content and the company that publishes the best content was among the top rankings of Google.

Google regularly changes its algorithm, as it is an authority in the search engine industry. The changes made by Google are ultimately beneficial for the companies that execute the SEO perfectly and filter out black hat SEO practitioners.

In 2014, Google’s Pigeon update reshaped the local search for a good purpose. Google also started rewarding well-optimized websites by providing an advantage over competitors in local SERPS. This provided an advantage of improved location-specific searches and location-based mobile browsing as well.

Google has started prioritizing HTTP websites.


Nowadays, the use of mobile phones has become inevitable. You see people using mobile phones everywhere to share messages, pictures, take pictures, talk to others, online shopping, etc.

With the global revolution in the smartphone, there has been a great impact on digital marketing since years. With the introduction of the iPhone, the marketing strategy and the use of the internet has achieved different levels.

The content of the desktop computers had to be made accessible for mobile screens, this is done by efficiently introducing apps and appropriate mobile browsers.

In 2015, mobile-friendliness was strengthened when Google started a crucial search engine ranking.

Google started deploying mobile-first indexing in 2018, referring to the ability of Google to see the mobile version of any website as the primary version of that site. These changes are the best to be adapted by the businesses to stay competitive.

Generation Z is a mobile-first generation. It puts tremendous importance on the personalization and interaction with data-dependent smart devices. Gen Z is a huge number of consumers and plays a crucial role in the digital marketing of the businesses and ultimately these are the people that you need to target and attract.


In this evolving world, public relations play a quite important role. Nowadays, leading brands cannot simply call for a press conference as they used to do it. PR managers should keep themselves updated with innovations with the advancement in the world of digital marketing.

Social media has completely changed the way in which reporters used to interact with their sources. Now, there is no need for the journalist to wait for the press releases or spokespeople to get the information out. Today the reporters can easily follow people, brands, institutions on social media and get the appropriate information.

PR professionals can easily monitor social media, profiles, digital news and knowledge that can be helpful for you to gain a competitive edge.


Trust of the consumers is hard earnt and is one of the biggest marketing and branding goals. Unfortunately, the social media platform has evolved from friendly to a distrustful platform. The well-known Cambridge-Analytica Scandal against Facebook, for failing to protect the data of its users is something that cannot be thought of 10 years ago.

Security breaches have helped the users to know better about privacy laws. Customers become more intelligent and faster while searching for products. Users now compare customer reviews and ranks, to make the best decision.

It is very important to develop transparency with the consumers and develop real relationships and brand loyalty. The more transparent you are the more rewards you will get from the users.

Some of the best digital marketing trends in 2020

  • Google discover
  • Mobile SEO
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Personalized videos for the sales process
  • Voice search
  • Content according to user intent


It will be very interesting to see how does the world of digital marketing change and develop in the upcoming years. In the past decade, the number of companies with web and social presence has increased tremendously, which means that the competition has also increased and you need to be on top of the trends and best practices, and continuously come up with creative and interesting digital marketing strategies.

Changes in digital marketing are always the greatest advantage. Changes should always be accompanied by the responsiveness of the brand because things are evolving at a very fast pace.
Always make sure that your brand keeps up with the progress, for the success of your brand.

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