how to do keyword research for SEO

How To Do Keyword Research For Best Result in SEO

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Search Engine Optimization shortly known as SEO. The major use of SEO is to show the name in the search engine. This is a process that makes you website or a product visible in the internet. A keyword  research is usually done to find out a phrase that is needed for the search engines to give the information about what the people are looking for which includes search volume. Keywords act as road maps for designing and the execution of a website building and also the developing content.

Common Terms in SEO

The most common terms used in keyword research are Query phrases, back linking, Meta tags and many more. So in a query phase the on the basis of number of words the keywords are broken and will be grouped. So if there are more words in a keyword then the easier will be the ranking process. SEO focuses on traffic and conversion. If you want your business sites like e commerce sites then you will need more SEO. In this you need SEO for optimizing the conversion. If you are need of advertising your business in which the revenue generation depends on the number of visitors then you need to go to SEO for optimizing the traffic.

Research of keywords will depend on the selection of the correct keyword that is easy to get a high rank in the search engines and has very less competition. The important concepts that are considered in a keyword research are Keyword traffic, Keyword searches and Keyword usage. So for doing a keyword research you need to have a correct idea of the purpose for which you generating keywords. If it comes to a business then you need to know about the products and services that are provided by the company. This way you can go on a track creating the keywords for those products only.

Then these keywords must contain the common word which tells about the business or the product that need ranking. So you need to identify the correct common word. Once the visitor start searching for that keyword, then your details must appear on the search engine. You can take the reference of a keyword from the search engines. For doing this just search a word in Google search and you will be seeing many related searches around the keyword. The long tail keywords are usually more than two keyword phrases that explain about your product. 70% of long tail keywords are used in the searching. These long tail keywords will be useful in the conversion.

Best Tools for Keyword research

The common tools that are used for research on keywords are the GAKP tool, and the Google trends, from Microsoft it is bing ads intelligence and also word trackers free basic keyword demand. These tools will suggest you about the keywords and also provides an estimated search volume. The keyword analysis tool is used to find which keyword is most important for doing SEO. The search demand is very important in creating a keyword. So when you start researching n the keywords you need to look for the competition and the difficulty of the keyword. You can use some synonyms to create similar keywords.And the most important thing is to remove any necessary keywords. The good keywords must be related to the product, must have low difficulty and high volume also.

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