How to do SEO to get Rank on Google 1st page

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Got a website or a product? Looking for the first place in Google pages? Successful SEO depends on:


Keywords are most important in improving the rank of the website or product. All you have to do is find some short and easy keywords. Find some keywords that have lesser competition, keywords with high competition will be hard for getting a good rank on the first page. Traffic is important for a keyword. Don’t convert your keyword and using of long tail keywords. It is easy to target multiple keywords and need to be very specific about the keyword. Those key words with medium or less volume will be good for ranking.


So first you need to create a quality content. To improve the ranking of your product, you must create a very good content. This will increase your ranking when you are running a good website. Content that is free of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes will improve the ranking. The content must be free from plagiarism also. The content must contain some relevancy so that the visitors can know about what they are looking for. If you don’t have that relevancy, your rank will be gone. You need to be straight in the point of view that you wanted to explain the visitor. It might be a positive or a negative point; you need to be strong. The utility of the content must be practical with your own experience, and the content must be interesting for the visitor to read. If the content is written by a famous writer, then it will be more helpful in increasing the ranking. The last thing in improving the rank is the number of words in the content. If the content has good heading and sub heading with relevant content, the visitors will show interest in reading or going through the website. This will improve the ranking.

Title and length

An attractive and catchy title with targeting keywords will attract more visitors than regular titles. When you write pages and pages of contents with a wrong title, or irrelevant title will make no sense. So when you add some content, you need to go in depth on the topic and make the content more helpful and informative to the visitors. The article should also have some uniqueness. If you are writing the same content as you competitors then what will the visitor learn. What makes the difference between you and your competitor?

SEO Friendly website Design

When you are designing a website, you need to have a good and attractive design. The design will serve more that 50% of the visitor’s attention. Using some bright colors and attractive images and designing will help you in making the visitor visit your site frequently. These will improve the ranking.

SEO Friendly Website content

You need to have a clear content with some clear representation in different pages. If the pages contain a detail explanation of what you need, then it will be interesting to read more and know more. And you need to link all the pages so the visitor can go to the next page without any hesitation. The page rank is also important. The biggest tip is to maintain a center main page and then let the other pages follow this page. Stop repeating the words and you need to add some social media links.

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