How to increase sales using Ecommerce Website and Social Media

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Now a day’s, creating an eCommerce website is not only to facilitate and entertain visitors. But adopting the eCommerce method increases number of retailers and getting them involved in the whole new world of online business. The competition in the ecommerce sector has given way to excessive use of new marketing tools.

Motto of ecommerce site user
The main aim of business owners is to attract as many visitors on their website and then covert them into their customer. But it has been noticed that most of the online visitors leave a website before using shopping cart or buying things. But this has been an obdurate cause of concern for the online store owner.

Way to get resolved with this problem?
Web 2.0 technology has some latest techniques under it system that will reduce the run-away rate of the visitor on the Ecommerce site. Website created using web2.0 technology is fast, user friendly, attractive and has real time effect. The web 2.0 has proved beneficial for ecommerce websites and this combination is also known as ecommerce 2.0

The most common reasons why customers abandon shopping cart and possible ways of dealing with it

Hidden Shipping cost: – Online visitor who are looking for online shopping should be provided complete transaction rates without any hidden cost because no one likes to pay extra. Unmatchable shipping rates can irritate the customer and he is forced to skip the online transaction.

Display shipping rates should be the same as transaction rate in the cart. So that visitor is aware of the total amount.

Automatic add to basket of the products: – Item selected by the customer to the shopping cart should be saved automatically. In case customer leaves the website, on re-login he should retrieve the product detail in the shopping cart. This mode of process will increase the chance of visitors buying the products. Web 2.0 real time technology will enable real time saving of the web page.

Compare shopping website: – You should keep on monitoring the functionality of your competitors’ websites and at the same time modify unrevealed things. Create a website better in functionality than competitors using web 2.0 technologies.

Short and uncomplicated checkout process: – This is the most prevalent reason of customers skipping during the shopping process. Please keep in mind that the check out form should not be complicated. All the fields in the form should be short and not more that 2-3 fields to be filled by the customer in the form. Use auto form saving technique for better results.

Poor website navigation: – If the navigation of the website is not user-friendly then it complicates things for visitor to stay for longer time. Using all web 2.0 technology help in better navigation process, speed and increase interactivity.

Insufficient contact information: – Your contact details should be clearly visible on your cart. A product adding system based on wizard Web 2.0 functionality should be added to the cart. Your contact telephone numbers should be always visible. A form or wizard based product adding system can help you not to forget crucial information related to an item. Thus, ecommerce 2.0 is a boon for the ecommerce store owners.

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