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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a good practice for enhancing a website’s visibility in the search engines. More SEO efforts lead to higher rankings of the website, on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). As visitors enter certain keywords, they view a list of sites and links related to their search. The sites which show up in the first few pages are viewed more, than those, in the later pages. This gives more visibility to the websites, and increases traffic for the specific website.

Learning SEO is easy and simple, only if you take help from the following SEO tools.

1.) Moz

moz SEo tutorial

As a beginner, Moz is the best place to start learning the basics of SEO. Moz provides consolidated information and constantly publishes educational content. The entire SEO lessons are divided into 10 chapters, starting from the SEO fundamentals to the advanced levels, where it deals with SEO tracking. The layout along with the strategic placement of graphics through the text makes it more readable. With Moz, learners can put their knowledge into practice.


2.) Webmaster


One of the oldest and most credible SEO tutorial, Webmaster forum provides a complete overview, from the practical perspective, and helps learns to not only learn the theories of SEO, but also implement the learning through exercises. There are real webmasters who share their viewpoints and conduct open discussions regarding specific SEO issues.


3.) Google


Google too has its own SEO guide wherein it primarily caters to offer web optimizing lessons, pertained to its own engine. It has a starter guide, which contains useful information about SEO and its relatable articles. The most popular search engine displays comprehensive yet exhaustive information, which makes you a complete SEO professional. With the Google SEO lesson, you can also know about optimizing web presence for various digital formats like mobile, tablets, and other devices. You can also learn about ways to promote your website, to get good SERP rankings.


4.) Search Engine Land


Founded by Danny Sullivan, a well-known name in the SEO world, Search Engine Land efficiently breaks down complex SEO lessons into more organized and simpler topics. It has a Guide To SEO which touches upon all facts and information about this subject. Just like Moz, there are various chapters, covering the different SEO rules. The forum also features info graphics to teach complex SEO methodologies by making them simpler. Information is more organized, concise, and readable.


5.) HubSpot


Where all the above resources are suitable for beginners, HubSpot helps marketers to perform good SEO and meet their professional demands. The portal presents some interesting SEO tools, along with educational content. Its blog provides information on templates, guides, and changing SEO practices. In order to get the latest SEO insights, HubSpot is undoubtedly the best.


6.) ViperChill




Another interesting place to learn the essential SEO skills, ViperChill presents informative content and facts associated to SEO. From how-to posts to SEO case studies and real business examples; it is one such portal, where you get everything. The kind of content is very diverse, and educates every SEO enthusiast: beginners to advance SEO professionals.


7.)  SEO auv


Being on SEO auv, you learn about the value and importance of keywords in SEO, and learn how keywords make an essential part of your SEO strategy. The portal lays more emphasis on selecting the right set of SEO keywords, based on the web content, and does proper keyword research to find out the best keywords for productive SEO results. As you go through the articles and blogs of this portal, you get more information on optimizing keywords, and delivering best SEO results to your clients.


8 .) Cranberry Radio’s SEO 101










If you are in a position where you need to go down to the very basics of SEO, Cranberry Radio’s SEO 101shall take you there. With a series of podcasts that get into the fundamentals of SEO, you again brush up your SEO proficiency, and sustain to the roots. The portal accounts for useful information from the scratch, without focusing on the technical details. Besides these, the forum also highlights some of the essential Do’s and Don’ts in the world SEO.



With this, you have now probably known about the best places to learn and recapitulate SEO, and attain the proficiency of being a successful SEO professional. Hence, without wasting further time, go to your desired portals, and grab all the information and insights to shape your SEO career.


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