How to Remove Rip Off Reports and Complaints Board Report from Google and other search engines

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Today internet is the easiest way to share or publish information and giving power to every individual or your customer, Everyone can use Blogs and online complaints boards to post negative and derogatory comments.

Is your Business have a an Unhappy Customer filed Compliant or Rip off Report on Internet ?
Is your website a victim of a fake complaint publish by one of your Competitors ?

If When you search your Company’s Name, Brand Products on Search engines ( Google Yahoo Bing ) and you find a Rip Off Report / complaints against your company in the top 5 of Google yahoo Bing results ?

If your Answer is Yes then your business or website business have a big trouble and you must be lose your new client leads and also existing clients. It must be damage your online reputation. Do not Ignore these Complains as they won’t go away, Think if you find an negative comment about any company products then can you 100% trust on these company about its products ? The answer is no.

For removing rip off reports and complaints board reports its needs time and ongoing work that is involves Effective Online Reputation Management Techniques. This is one trick that has the highest success rate. Setting up positive web properties must be carried out on an ultra Search Engine Friendly platform.

The quality of content must be very authoritative to ensure that it looks like a class act of Dominating Search Engine and not a bitten or defensive attempt.

Use Social Media to manage your online reputation, Web 2.0 and social media webpages are crawled more often by search engines. it is recommended that you must always ensure that you dominate the search engine Listings for the keywords that relate to your Business keywords.
If you have a compliant on rip off report, this will definitely hurt sales and your online reputation. . Our client’s Have tried filing rebuttal’s this has increased the content to text ratio and increased the keyword density and hence improved the position, we have also had client spending thousands of dollars on there attorneys trying to get the complaint removed but none managed to get the Complaint removed.

We have clients who were worried about Rip Off and online complaint Reports coming up on #1 position on Google and other search engine by its company name or business keywords. We are happy to mention that we have successfully carried out more than 1000 Search Engine Reputation Management Campaigns to Remove Rip Off Reports, completely!

If you are also suffering from a similar issue and would like to seek assistance in Removing Rip Off Report /Complaints Board postings, please feel free to drop us a Email or Call us +91-0742-850-4244 !

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