SEO Tips For Small Business In 2011

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In New Year 2011 what we have completed and hopes of achieving our new goals we have set forth. Social media has broken down the communication barriers and helped to small businesses to attract more clients. In 2011 we continue to see growth of social media, Local search, Mobile Search, and SEO. 1. Keyword Phrases : A keyword phrase are used for search engine optimization to select specific targeted keywords, or visitors are using search engines in a desire to find information based on that particular phrase. Now One word phrases are a thing of the past optimization. It is […]

How to Remove Rip Off Reports and Complaints Board Report from Google and other search engines

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Today internet is the easiest way to share or publish information and giving power to every individual or your customer, Everyone can use Blogs and online complaints boards to post negative and derogatory comments. Is your Business have a an Unhappy Customer filed Compliant or Rip off Report on Internet ? Is your website a victim of a fake complaint publish by one of your Competitors ? If When you search your Company’s Name, Brand Products on Search engines ( Google Yahoo Bing ) and you find a Rip Off Report / complaints against your company in the top 5 […]

Pay Per Click Advertising ( PPC ) Tips and Benefits

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Pay per click, commonly stand for PPC, is an online advertising method where your advertisement will be visible in text / banner format that is placed on the results page within a search engines and its ads network . In PPC You only pay for the advertising campaign when any people click on your advertisement link. PPC advertising is fast targated marketing tool thats provides easily targeted visitors to websites. Its best way for new websites to attract sales easily The basic idea of Pay-Per-Click Advertising launch in 1998 via GoTo-Internet Marketing Services. Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the most effective advertising […]

Google Hotpot based on Local Recommendations on You and Your Friends

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Google latest product Hotpot that is based on personalized recommendations, what you recommend and what your friends recommend. Google Hotpot is an personalized recommendations tool. Now Google Hotpot use Google Places data like reviews and ratings given by you and your friends. Hotpot suggest places that is based on how you rate / review similar things. also it have merged with Google other product, social, and other services. In Google Hotpot you can create a separate profile and friends list within already as part of your Google account for example you will take through your Google Buzz Followers, Google Profile, […]

Now Google can Index any type of Text in SWF Flash File

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Some days ago,We recive a update from Google Webmaster Central Blog, Its provide the information on Google Flash indexing capabilities. By Google Blog, It said, now google bot are able to index and understand any text in SWF Flash file on your website. Typically, Most of SEO company does not accept and Flash based website for SEO. Most SEO Expert ignore to develop a site in completely Flash. Many Flash sites are not associated with google index, but Google wants to index them so work hardly, now it can browse any type of TEXT in SWF flash, For develop this […]