Search Engine Market Share 2012 Google vs Yahoo vs Bing vs Aol vs ASK report

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comScore is announce an report on search engine Market Share, As a big player of search market Google increased some percentage as pe previous year, Bing also increased some percentage but yahoo gone down as per previous record. AOL and especially Ask gained as well.<br><br>
 <h2>comScore September numbers:</h2>
 Google: 66.7 percent (66.4 percent in August)<br>
 Bing: 15.9 percent (15.9 percent in August)<br>
 Yahoo: 12.2 percent (12.8 percent in August)<br>
 Ask: 3.5 percent (3.2 percent in August)<br>
 AOL: 1.8 percent (1.7 percent in August)<br><br>
In Last Year,  Microsoft-Yahoo was came togeather and create an Search Alliance to increase market share but it was down. Their combined reach has hovering around 29 percent since inception. And now it’s dipped below that figure.

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