SEO Tips For Small Business In 2011

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In New Year 2011 what we have completed and hopes of achieving our new goals we have set forth. Social media has broken down the communication barriers and helped to small businesses to attract more clients. In 2011 we continue to see growth of social media, Local search, Mobile Search, and SEO.

1. Keyword Phrases :

A keyword phrase are used for search engine optimization to select specific targeted keywords, or visitors are using search engines in a desire to find information based on that particular phrase. Now One word phrases are a thing of the past optimization. It is important to have select specific targeted keywords for SEO that are relate to your brand Products and overall industry and visitors are using these keywords in search engines for search your Products. Always We have to analyze and research on what phrases people are querying to find us. Delving into your strategies and analyzing how people are finding you and comparing that to what you wish to be found for will help to secure your ranking.

2. Content :
Content is most important part of search engine optimization. The content is not write only around keywords it is write as per what people are going to find useful in your content. Always make your content informative and useful for related information

3. Mobile Friendly :
Today Most of user mobile have internet enable. A website that is not mobile friendly is losing visitors / clients. Now We have become a mobile dependent society and that is increasing your chances of searchers having the ability to view your site, It is also securing the trust with them as ultimately when we are searching, we want results. The results via a mobile device need to be more immediate and valuable.

4.Local Search :
Local search is still a hot topic most of search engine are creating own local search section . Google Places are providing most valuable platform for user to search businesses locally. Users have had to embrace this search result change. They want results that they feel that they trust. Appearing in the results, starts the trust.

5. Link Building :
Link building is the mist important factor in search engine ranking and increase your goodwill Today you can increase your link through social profile, Fourm , Review Posting, Directory Submission, Article Submission and Link Exchange.

6.Canonical Optimization :
Creating a clear canonical url domain sets to avoid multiple page variations ( for example like vs http:// and duplications. Its is confuse the the search engine spiders which domain version will crawl. You can manage this through canonical tag or give 301 redirect.

7. Crawl Frequency :
Always check how often are your pages being crawled ? By search engine. Blogs and frequent changes page are crawled and ranked very quickly. Internal web pages that are not linked to or updated and have high visit volume are not crawled as frequently. Monitor through your cache how often your pages are being crawled to determine which pages need to be crawled more frequently.

8.Image Optimization :
Image optimization can give more traffic your website. Always provide Alt tag to your every image, Because The spiders cannot see the photo, but they can see the text that is associated with the photo. Creating alt tags that contain keywords are not only preventing the stop gap for the spiders, also it is increasing keyword density on your webpage

9. Site Speed :
If your Website is easy upload then its is increase your search engine ranking and your visitor retention. Visitors will click off a site is taking too long to load .The faster the site loads the more time is spent on the site. This not only is attractive to the user, but the speed of a site matters to the search engines.

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