SEO VS PPC Industry Survey – PPC Is losing ability To Generate Leads

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Today everyone thinking about SEO and PPC which one is better, according to an industry surve SEO is the most trustable marketing tools for lead generating between U.S. digital marketers, but PPC is the dropping his effectiveness as a lead generation marketing tool. Even lots of B2B and B2C marketers are saying today that social media marketing is more effective than PPC as a lead generation tool.
This survey is done by an Digital Marketing Agency (WebMarketing123), In this survey 65% companies present as a B2B marketers including GE, Sony, Cisco, Olympus, Bose and FedEx etc. Survey Team were divided this in a company size, with 32% coming from businesses/companies

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the Most Effective and Important Lead Generation Technique

In this year, Lots companies and businesss are giving a credit to SEO for good sales and leads in this 59% B2B Business and 49% B2C Business — in both business cases, SEO are significantly higher then PPC and social media. Acoording to this report Both B2B Companies and B2C Companies are confirm that SEO is much powerful tool for for lead gen in this year.


ROI measuring is the big challenge in SEO activities

In this survey most are saying SEO is top lead generation marketing activities, they also confirm that ROI measuring is the big challenge in SEO activities. In SEO we can measure

1. traffic

2. rankings —

3. how many leads or sales it generates.

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