Google test Search Options above Results Rather Than To Side

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Google are doing some testing weith search option layout. Now its displaying Search Options above Results Rather Than to Side. Normally Google shows search option in the left-hand column of a search results.   In the new test layout, these all move above the search results: Google is showing only some important search option like “WEB” “Images” “Maps” “Videos” “News” “Shopping” rest you cand find in “More link” option allows for  your search to Google specialized search engines such as Blogs or Flights. Nothing listed is different than what’s available in the more traditional layout. Only the location has changed: […]

Google Rel=Author tag Implement by Only 9% Technology Blog

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Sometime ago Google have provided a solution reagring content Authorship. For Example If you run a website with authored content then use rel=”author” (HTML5) and rel=”m” ( XFN), Rel=Author tag helps to search engines / google and other website to identify works by the same author across the web. According to an study today Rel=Author tag fully Implemented by only 9% of technology blogs it means only 9 out of every 100 blogs. This is very amazing and shocking for everyone because these all blogs manage by an technology experts, they should know about this feature better. because We all […]

Website Search Queries Alerts in Google Webmaster Tools

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 Search Queries Alerts in Webmaster Tools The Google Webmaster Central blog anno unced that the now you can check and analyse your website Search Queriess in Webmaster Tools by some Search Queries Alerts. In previous its very difficult and time consuming to analyse the complete data and identify the importanat facts/issues. So google webmaster tool providing an feature to make this process little bit easier. In this alerts, Google Webmaster try to analyze your data and identify some most importannt facts and issues about your website. In this features you can check the impressions and clicks for your top pages […]

Googles new Updates: website Clustering, Site links & Page Quality

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Google announcement of search quality and some algorithm changes making in this announcement google has been confirm 86 changes covering June and July. Site Clustering Today you’ve seen a lot of complaints on SEO Fourms and SEO social profile in past month about how some domains are utterly dominating Google’s search results. On some queries google shows first 8-9 results coming from one domain. Google calls this “site clustering,” , Here we are provide some algorithm changes from Google Blog #82541. [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] This is one of multiple projects that we’re working on to make our system […]

Google Now Allows You To Write Your Search Queries

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Google Now Allows You To Write Your Search Queries for SamartPhone. Google started this job with typing your query in search box, then you can search through voice, then you can search by using image and now Google provides you can hand write your keyword on your smartphone or tablet when on All you have to do is place your finger on the Google home page and use your finger to write. Google will convert your handwriting to text. To enable it, go to on your mobile or tablet device and click on Settings at the bottom of […]