How to Internet marketing / SEO help your Business

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Marketing is always necessary for any size company. Most of the times it helps to create product awareness and while some other time its necessary to create company credibility. Overall it always results in increasing sales and revenue of the company. Basically marketing can be of two kind Offline Marketing and Online Marketing. Offline marketing like direct marketing is a traditional way of promoting a company which has limited reach always. While with online marketing like Internet marketing can reach to a wide range in a single campaign. Internet is very popular among all age group, entrepreneur and every country. […]

Google Instant is meet with Yahoo Yahoo Rich Search Assist

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Now Yahoo is following Google by announcing its own version of Google Instant, with a diffrent name and uses that is Called Rich Search Assist, this feature automatically shows results when you type yahoo search bar. as per above given image example, When you type and keyword in yahoo search then Yahoo suggests search topics using its pre existing Yahoo Search Assist service. now Yahoo will providing a closer look at the first resultfor each topic. Now yahoo is tested with some selected user, As per Yahoo, yahoo said about 5% of selected Yahoo’s users are currently testing this features