Top 7 Web Design Trends to watch in 2016

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Website designing has become one of the latest sources of earning money. There are different trends in web designing from the initial stage to present. Many developers with many tools are in the field of web designing.

Need for change
Usually every product needs some development to make the product easier. The need for changes depends on the technology; many people are using smart phones and they need the website to be opened in their phones.
So usually when there is a need for change in the graphics or the style of the website the trend will change. Now people looking for responsive web designing, which make the HTML coding compatible to all the devices? Google has recommended using of responsive websites for greater ranking.
So taking this responsive technology into account the need for vertical patterns is increased. So when you open a website instead of selecting page by page, it will be convenient to use these vertical patterns. And the small screens we use will lead to scroll more. So vertical pattern is needed for this

The need of creative icons and logos has become demanded for a change in the web designing. So people are more attracted to the presentation of the website.

Typography is the major component for a great design and also for branding the website. So you can use Google Fonts and also Type kit for giving fonts and this makes easy to use them on the web.

3) Videos
With the increase in the bandwidth and the support of the HTML5 for video clips has changed the way of web designing. When you plan to design a website for your product you need to show an introduction about your product. So you must keep a video. Even with the integration of the video plug in the development has changed.

4) Animation
When you have a small animation in your website that attracts the visitors obviously your site will have many visitors. So with the availability of different plug in and different options to play an animation in your website changed the designing of the websites. All you need to know is what will be the use of an animation in developing your product? There are large scale animations and small scale animations in this to help in making more interactive experience for the visitors. Animation also includes the motion animation of your products and the background animations. And to show you product details all at once you will be needing hover animations.

5) Sketches
So to attract the visitors you need a creative representation like use of icons, and other interface elements in your website. So when you are using these sketches and creative illustrations it will make the visitor stay more in the website.

6) Slides
Display of your products every time in the menu will make your visitor close the site, so if you can display the products in the main page in the form of slides. So the use of sliders has changed the website designing.

7) Navigation
When your visitor is looking for something in your website he must find it in a single click or two. So if you have arranged all your content in related pages, it makes the visitor to go aroun

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